Custom Armored Vehicles

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Custom Armored Vehicles

Ideal for customers looking for an armored security vehicle that offers a comfortable and subtle ride with minimal compromises to handling and performance. As well as an exceptional ability to keep discreet and low profile.

We will be happy to discuss any particular vehicle variant that our clients require for their operation regardless of manufacturer and/or model.


  • Concealed in common traffic
  • Protection up to CEN B6+
  • Maintaining the passenger comfort
  • 360-degree perimeter protection including firewall, roof & double floor protection 
  • High-quality multi-layer ballistic glass 
  • Fuel Tank Protection 
  • All five wheels are fitted with a heavy duty run-flat tire systrm
  • Complete Suspension system upgrade with high quality parts 
  • Armor overlaps applied to all areas where opaque and transparent armor meet