TSA-7 High-performance thermal sight

Category: xSurveillance & reconnaissance

TSA-7 High-performance thermal sight

The TSA-7 is the latest development high-performance thermal imaging sight designed for long range engagements. Ideal to be used on various types of weapons, mainly with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.

Key advantages of TSA-7 are Automatic Crosshair Adjustment based on data obtained from the Internal Ballistic Computer, all packed in shockproof and waterproof housing.

Internal Ballistic Computer makes calculation and adjustments on data obtained from user (ballistic tables, used ammo, etc.) and external devices such as kestrel anemometers. 

  • Capable of adjusting the crosshair based on atmospheric conditions, wind (any direction and max speed 10m/s), derivation, angle of sight and the Coriolis force
  • Temperature of powder charge and susceptibility factor of used ammunition and ambient temperature
  • Automatic adjustment of conditions for a specific cartridge and firing corrections using obtained data
  • Drag compensations, using G1 or G7 drag ballistic standard (based on Lapua Radar Data or generated by external ballistic programs)
  • Laser rangefinder tuned to 1550nm wavelength, is integrated in thermal sight allowing to accurately measure distance to the target as far as 2500m